Street Food Inspirations

Walk down a busy street in a cosmopolitan U.S. city. Go to a regional state fair. Stop by the local festivities in your home town. Go to that kiosk in the nearby shopping mall.  In all these locales and other unexpected places, you’ll find colorful Street Food trucks, trailers and carts, tempting you with mouth watering aromas of the foods they’re preparing on the spot, sometimes familiar, sometimes exotically different, but always revving up your appetite.

In the U.S., Asian, American, Mexican and Fusion cuisines dominate as the leading Street Food offerings. When you taste what they’re selling, you know you’re experiencing something unique. You recognize that experienced cooks, many with a lifetime of preparing and enjoying tasty ethnic foods in their own homes, have transported their favorites to the marketplace in their homemade, colorful and surprisingly well equipped caravans of delight.

Symrise’s Southeast Asian, Regional Mexican and North African flavors can help you develop street food inspired food and beverage products. Download our infographic to learn more about the food truck phenomenon!


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