Symrise adds life to your brands. After all, taste is the heart of our business. 

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Symrise has the masking technology, flavor expertise, encapsulation leadership and Symsate® flavors for sensory effects. Our flavor development expertise, creative problem-solving skills and a technological toolbox of masking agents can help you:

  • Overcome undesirable sensory perceptions
  • Avoid troublesome off-flavors in finished products
  • Suppress off-notes while simultaneously increasing flavor impact

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Achieving Better Taste w
ith a Unique Masking Toolbox.


 Customized masking solutions for tastes you want to hide.

Symrise’s LC Taste® Technology

Patented technology that goes beyond standard liquid chromatography

Merges simultaneous sensory and analytical methods into a single tool

Identifies compounds
with the highest level of negative taste effects

Builds the most effective masking systems to create targeted modifiers 

The most effective method for determining masking solutions