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go tropical!

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Symrise’s Marketing and Sensory Consumer Group has uncovered consumer perceptions about traditional and lesser known tropical fruit flavors that have inspired the go tropical! Flavor Collection to build brand success.

Discover what consumers who represent key life stages have to say about the tropical fruit flavors that Symrise provides, including revealing comments:

  • Mango, the “hidden, delicious fruit, good for lots of things”
  • Guava that can “wake up…taste buds”
  • Papaya and the desire for “more food and drinks” that have this flavor
  • Pineapple that “fits with multiple dishes…liked by the whole family”
  • Lychee, “no idea of what is” but ready to “try it”
  • Passionfruit, “love the flavor...grew up eating it”
  • Pomegranate, likes “tropical fruit flavors in drinks and willing to try new ones”
  • Coconut Water, “enjoys the taste of tropical fruit flavors” like this one

In addition to these consumer perceptions, you can learn more about these tropical fruits when you read Symrise's informative tropical flavors booklet. 

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